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Season 4 – Episode 1: New beginnings

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTOn November 26th Bastian Noffer’s TECHCAST was recorded live as part of a livestream on YouTube and Twitch. In this Episode we discuss the changed focus for Season 4 and what developments lead us to this point.
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The Episodes goes live on Spreaker today at 8:00 pm and will then be availible on your favorite Podcast platforms.

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Season 4 starts this Sunday at 8 pm CET

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTI am starting a new chapter in my life as an entrepreneur, taking my mobile app development side business to full time starting February of next year. This journey started to take shape months ago and will be quite a chellange during these economically chellanging times.

But that is also the reason why I wanted to make this the theme of the new season. I was tired of just doing a tech news show, as specially since that was never my goal. Doing this new season, again with live video streams, once a month will hopefully inspire some of you to take the step into entrepreneurship no matter the situation around you. In addition I want to document the journey for myself.

Down the road we might have other people join the show and we can have some discussions. However feel free to post your own questions and comments either here in the comments or on the videos. I will try to get back to every one of them.

As the title says, stream will be on Sonday 8 pm CET and the recording will be available via Spreaker and your favorite podcast apps starting Monday 8 pm CET.

I hope to see you on stream! – TwitchYoutube


Podcast to restart in November!

The past couple of months were full of events putting me into a totally new and unexpected situation in life.

I feel this is the perfect opportunity to bring back the podcast in a new format since I felt that doeing the tech news show was not really what I invisioned the podcast to be and the initial format did not really take off.

I will not spoil the journey I am embarking on at this point. I plan on having monthly episodes, probably releasing on the 3rd weekend of each month. It will remain a video podcast, I have not decided if it will be a live show again. Let me know if you would be interested in it being a live show again.

Therefore I’ll update you once we get closer to the release of the first new Episode!

BNOTECHCAST Episode 11: Time for acquisitions?

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTDuring the live recording on January 30th 2022 we discussed the following topics:

  • Steam Deck availability Date
  • NVIDIA drops plans to acquire ARM
  • Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard
  • Apple allows unlisted Apps on the App Store
  • Huawei releases new Phones, but not in the US

The edited version will be available via Spreaker in Audio format and Video later on on Odysee. The podcast will be availible again at 8:30 pm CET.

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BNOTECHCAST Episode 7: Gaming to go

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTThis is the 2nd episode of Season 2 which was recorded again as part of a livestream  earlier today on Twitch!

The episode will premiere again on Youtube today at 8:00 pm CET and Spreaker, as well as your favorite podcast platforms, at 8:30 pm CET.

Show notes for today:

Today BNOTECHCAST LIVE is be back with these topics:
– Streamlabs under fire
– Apple Self Service
– NVIDIA / ARM Merger
– Qualcomm & Razer collaboration
– Steam Deck Packaging
– App Store review process

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BNOTECHCAST LIVE this Sunday December 5th at 4 pm CET

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTIt is time again for the next installment of our live podcast recording this Sunday at 4 pm CET.

If you want to get my take on some current hot topic feel free to suggest a topic in the comments below.

Can’t make the live recording? – No problem! The regular podcast recording will go live on Youtube at 8 pm CET and it will hit Spreaker and your favorite Podcast sites at 8:30 pm. The full stream recording will be available on Monday.

For everyone who wants to join follow me on twitch.tv/bno2006

How to listen?

After our initial episode went live on Spreaker we started distributing the episode to various podcasting services. Some are still penidng and we will update you here on the status. Once everyting is online the direct links will be made available on a “Where to listen?” page.

Apple has already approved the Podcast, however it is not yet visible on the Podcasts App. The sync to Odysee.com/Lbry.tv is also pending.

We will keep you updated!