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Podcast to restart in November!

The past couple of months were full of events putting me into a totally new and unexpected situation in life.

I feel this is the perfect opportunity to bring back the podcast in a new format since I felt that doeing the tech news show was not really what I invisioned the podcast to be and the initial format did not really take off.

I will not spoil the journey I am embarking on at this point. I plan on having monthly episodes, probably releasing on the 3rd weekend of each month. It will remain a video podcast, I have not decided if it will be a live show again. Let me know if you would be interested in it being a live show again.

Therefore I’ll update you once we get closer to the release of the first new Episode!

Podcast is on hold for now

HI everyone,

it has been silent over hear for a while.

August was busy throughout the work weeks and the weekends and now in September I basically played catch up.

Still I have not been able to resume a regular schedule neither for the Podcast nor for my Beat Saber streams.

I plan on bringing the Podcast back, but I am working on a new format, that is hopefully more interesting and not just another news show.

It might be that I do some Youtube videos in the meantime. Looking forward to great new content, so stay tuned 😉

BNOTECHCAST Live this Sunday February 20th – 1 year #anniversary edition with #AMA – at 4pm CET

As mentioned during the livestream last Sunday, this upcoming Sunday marks the 1 year anniversary of “Bastian Noffer’s TECHCAST”. We’ll be doing a somewhat normal recording session combined with a “ask me anything” AMA session. So if you want to be part of this join in over on Twitch or on Youtube at 4 pm CET (3 pm UTC, 10 am EST).

It would be ideal if you would send some topics/questions in advance either via Twitter or post a comment below.

The recorded episode of this anniversary edition will hit your favorite podcasting platform on the regular next date, February 27th at 8 30 pm CET. It will however be availible earlier in edited format over on Odysee. The VOD will of course be available on Youtube right after the stream.

I am now a Pimax affiliate – and they have a pretty good deal right now … #pimax #vr

For those watching my VR streams you might know that I am using a Pimax 5K Super VR Headset. I bought it last year to replace my Oculus Rift S which had tracking issues in my well lit living room. I initially wanted to get the Valve Index, although it was not availible at the time and Pimax had a VR 2.0 upgrade promotion where you had to send in proof that you own another VR headset.

While checking their website a few days ago I noticed that they have a affiliate program going and I decided to join up. Support experience for me with Pimax was good and it has now been almost a year using it and I can not report a bad experience. So I don’t have an issue with promoting them.

With the new comfort headsets the Pimax headsets are comfortable to wear and also audio is pretty good. I can not compare it to the Index though, since I never used one. I upgraded my 5K Super to the KDMAS Earphones and the upgrade was worth it.

At the moment Pimax also has a promotion going with high rebates and a full trade-in program for their upcoming 12K standalone headset that is coming out late this year (if the chip shortages don’t delay it 😉 ).

If you are interested in the 5K Super, that i use, use this Link.

In case you are interested in the 8K X use this Link instead.

When buying through one of these links I am getting a small kickback for the referral.

Feel free to hit me up with questions either here in the comments, on Stream, on Twitter or on Discord.

Upcoming changes to the TECHCAST

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTSince re-starting the TECHCAST with Season 2 back in November of 2021 I have been publishing the livestreams and the edited version of the podcast on YouTube. What I have seen now throughout the last few weeks is that the stream recordings due to the topic tagging are getting much more views then the edited versions, therefore I will stop double posting these. In addition I started posting segments of each episode, so if you are interested in the condenced topics you have easy access that way.

I hope that these changes will help giving the channel on YouTube a bit more focus and hopefully the algorythm likes it.

Therefore Episode 9 concludes Season 2 and ends me declaring Seasons. I hope that I will be able to keep up the 2 week schedule.

On February 20th we will be celebrating the Podcasts one year anniversary and I hope that I can make something special happen for this occasion. So stay tuned for that.

I am looking forward to 2022 and I appreciate all the feedback that everyone has provided me either on stream or in the YouTube comments.

Announcement: BNOTECHCAST Segments on Youtube

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTStarting tomorrow I will be releasing individual segments of the Technology Podcast episodes and livestreams as individual videos on Youtube. So in case you are not interested in watching or listening to the long form content, you will now be able to watch the individual topic segments at your leasure.

Schedule for the segment releases is every two days at 4 pm CET. This will be indipendant from the livestream and podcast episode releases.

In case you want to get notified once a new video is released follow BNOTECHCAST on Facebook, myself on Twitter or join the new Discord server.

BNOTECHCAST Segments on Youtube

Announcement: Discord

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTI made the decision today to start my own Discord server around the TECHCAST and what I am currently doing in regards to Streaming. So if you are interested in having further discussions on the topics that I present here, during the livestreams, on Youtube and of course in Podcast format, feel free to join. There will also be announcements when there is new content available.

Join the BNOTECHCAST Discord

BNOTECHCAST LIVE this Sunday December 5th at 4 pm CET

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTIt is time again for the next installment of our live podcast recording this Sunday at 4 pm CET.

If you want to get my take on some current hot topic feel free to suggest a topic in the comments below.

Can’t make the live recording? – No problem! The regular podcast recording will go live on Youtube at 8 pm CET and it will hit Spreaker and your favorite Podcast sites at 8:30 pm. The full stream recording will be available on Monday.

For everyone who wants to join follow me on