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Podcast is on hold for now

HI everyone,

it has been silent over hear for a while.

August was busy throughout the work weeks and the weekends and now in September I basically played catch up.

Still I have not been able to resume a regular schedule neither for the Podcast nor for my Beat Saber streams.

I plan on bringing the Podcast back, but I am working on a new format, that is hopefully more interesting and not just another news show.

It might be that I do some Youtube videos in the meantime. Looking forward to great new content, so stay tuned 😉

Announcement: BNOTECHCAST Segments on Youtube

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTStarting tomorrow I will be releasing individual segments of the Technology Podcast episodes and livestreams as individual videos on Youtube. So in case you are not interested in watching or listening to the long form content, you will now be able to watch the individual topic segments at your leasure.

Schedule for the segment releases is every two days at 4 pm CET. This will be indipendant from the livestream and podcast episode releases.

In case you want to get notified once a new video is released follow BNOTECHCAST on Facebook, myself on Twitter or join the new Discord server.

BNOTECHCAST Segments on Youtube