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BNOTECHCAST Episode 5: Quo vadis cross-platform development

Quo vadis cross-platform developmentThis episode has been a long time coming. Originally planned for March 21st of this year health issues and me changing jobs got it delayed until today. I am not sure if I will be able to pick up the weekly episode schedule that I originally intended, but I will try to have episoded released more regularly.

The episode will premiere again on Youtube today at 8:00 pm CEST and Spreaker, as well as your favorite podcast platforms, at 8:30 pm CEST.

Show notes for today:

In the past 4 years I worked in cross-platform mobile development and viewing this space evolve during that time got me thinking where this would be going in the future. Then during the first weeks of starting a new job I had to work on comparing different cross-platform frameworks putting a whole new perspective to the discussion. I am proposing some ideas in this episode and would love to get into a discussion with the development community on this, so feel free to share the episode and comment below.



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BNOTECHCAST Episode 1: How did I get here?

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTFinally it is about to release, the first Episode of the BNOTECHCAST will be released this Sunday 8 pm CET in Video on Youtube as a Premiere and at about 8:30 pm CET it will hit your favorite podcasting platforms.

In this initial episode of my Technology Podcast I give a introduction to myself, where I am coming from and what my intentions are for this podcast. In addition I will give a brief outlook on future episodes and other upcoming content formats. In case you want to provide feedback on this episode head over to https://bnonet.com or E-Mail us at listeners@bnonet.com.


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