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BNOTECHCAST LIVE December 18th Topics #Log4Shell #Dell #Microsoft #iFixit #RightToRepair #SimulaOne #AppDev

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTToday at 1 pm CET BNOTECHCAST LIVE will be back on Twitch with these topics:

  • Log4Shell
  • Dell Concept Luna
  • Microsoft collaborates with iFixit
  • Simula One
  • Another comment on App Development

The event will kick of with a short pre-show, due to time constraints on my end. After that we will get into recording mode for the podcast itself and will end the stream with a short Discussion / Q&A.

So feel free to spread the word and join me over at twitch.tv/bno2006 for todays live show. In case you can not attend live the full recording of the stream will go onto Youtube tomorrow afternoon.

The podcast version will premiere on Youtube tomorrow at 8 pm CET and it will hit Spreaker tomorrow at 8:30 pm CET for your favorite podcast apps.

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BNOTECHCAST Episode 5: Quo vadis cross-platform development

Quo vadis cross-platform developmentThis episode has been a long time coming. Originally planned for March 21st of this year health issues and me changing jobs got it delayed until today. I am not sure if I will be able to pick up the weekly episode schedule that I originally intended, but I will try to have episoded released more regularly.

The episode will premiere again on Youtube today at 8:00 pm CEST and Spreaker, as well as your favorite podcast platforms, at 8:30 pm CEST.

Show notes for today:

In the past 4 years I worked in cross-platform mobile development and viewing this space evolve during that time got me thinking where this would be going in the future. Then during the first weeks of starting a new job I had to work on comparing different cross-platform frameworks putting a whole new perspective to the discussion. I am proposing some ideas in this episode and would love to get into a discussion with the development community on this, so feel free to share the episode and comment below.



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