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Welcome to the 2021 edition!

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTRevived Domain and Blog for 2021!

My old personal blog on can now be seen as archived content. However I moved all its posts over to this new website/blog.

If you want to learn more about me and why I am doing this check out the About me page.

Only for your information: This website and all associated content is operated under my business BNO Technology Solutions e.K.. That is why it is mentioned in the Disclaimer, Imprint and Privacy Policy.

Next step will be the release of our first episode of “Bastian Noffer’s TECHCAST” or “BNOTECHCAST” in short. This podcast will be available as Video on Youtube and Lbry as well as on Spreaker and other major podcast platforms. Consider following me on Twitter or Facebook so you can be notified when the first episode is released.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Plex Media Server and Internet Connections with DS-Lite (Update #1)

This is an update to my blog post on the PMS + IPv6 issue. After using this setup for a few months I had to find out that occasionally the performance is very poor. Those Port Mapping Services use all ports on a server to forward traffic and the therfore the total bandwidth is limited. This can impact the exprience using PMS dramatically. On one evening I could stream a movie in 1080p with Dolby Digital 5.1 at 18 MBit/s without issues. Today I wasn’t able to stream a video with 920 KBit/s.

Bandwidth at both ends is no problem, the PMS is on a symetric 100 MBit fibre channel line and the other connection is 200 MBit down/10 MBit up. So the only bottle neck is the Port Mapper.

If Plex Inc. would implement something similar it would have the same problem. As a result a port mapper is not a perfect solution. I’ll probably have to implement some VPN to get proper performance.

Leave a comment below on your experience.

The original post can be found here.

[Commentary] Implication of the Paris attacks on cyber security

[Commentary] – This morning I watched a commentary by Hemu Nigam of SSP Blue on CNN in which he suggested that we should ban encrypted communication so security agencies can monitor all communications to protect us and our families from another attack like the ones in Paris last Friday. This came up, because of reports out of the Paris attacks investigation that the attackers hid their communications through encrypted messaging apps.

The point Nigam is making may seem logical at first glance, but is it really the right approach? What implications would this have for people and businesses?

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Plex Media Server and Internet Connections with DS-Lite

Since ISPs are rolling out DS-Lite connections to customers the need for IPv6 support in Plex is rising. I recently got such a internet connection myself and I need to work around this issue using external services.

The Plex infrastructure is currently only IPv4 leaving everyone with a IPv6 connection unable to access their PMS through PlexWeb. Thanks to Plex Media Server Update the situation has improved, but is not perfect.

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Welcome to my corner

Hi everyone!

welcome to my new private blog about our fast growing world of technology.

So what can you expect to read on this blog?

I will address topics in current new media, share my own experiente an provide tips and tricks on all kinds of stuff. So basically a brought mix of everything.

About myself

I am a 2009 graduate Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), but until now I have a total of 13 years of experience in the field of information technology.
In 2011 I founded BitBrothers GmbH with a school friend of mine and we are a fast growing business with a newly created branch in Canada. You can learn more about the company here.

Okay, guys, more coming soon!

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