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Plex Media Server and Internet Connections with DS-Lite (Update #1)

This is an update to my blog post on the PMS + IPv6 issue. After using this setup for a few months I had to find out that occasionally the performance is very poor. Those Port Mapping Services use all ports on a server to forward traffic and the therfore the total bandwidth is limited. This can impact the exprience using PMS dramatically. On one evening I could stream a movie in 1080p with Dolby Digital 5.1 at 18 MBit/s without issues. Today I wasn’t able to stream a video with 920 KBit/s.

Bandwidth at both ends is no problem, the PMS is on a symetric 100 MBit fibre channel line and the other connection is 200 MBit down/10 MBit up. So the only bottle neck is the Port Mapper.

If Plex Inc. would implement something similar it would have the same problem. As a result a port mapper is not a perfect solution. I’ll probably have to implement some VPN to get proper performance.

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Plex Media Server and Internet Connections with DS-Lite

Since ISPs are rolling out DS-Lite connections to customers the need for IPv6 support in Plex is rising. I recently got such a internet connection myself and I need to work around this issue using external services.

The Plex infrastructure is currently only IPv4 leaving everyone with a IPv6 connection unable to access their PMS through PlexWeb. Thanks to Plex Media Server Update the situation has improved, but is not perfect.

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