Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTI am sorry to report that we will not have a live recording of Episode 17 of my technology podcast due to internet connection issues. I already got in touch with my internet service provider and they confirmed that there is a issue with my lines upstream at the moment. This currently gives me my full downstream of about 1000 Mbps, but only a upstream of 2 – 3 Mbps instead of 50 Mbps. Theerefore a stable stream is out of the question and since the ticket has not updated since noon today I have no hope that this will be resolved before Monday.

I will still record the episode, but I am not even sure if I will be able to upload the audio version tomorrow, however I will make the video version availible on YouTube as soon as I am able as well as on Odysee. I wish everyone a nice weekend and hope to see you all back live in a few days.