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Announcement: Discord

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTI made the decision today to start my own Discord server around the TECHCAST and what I am currently doing in regards to Streaming. So if you are interested in having further discussions on the topics that I present here, during the livestreams, on Youtube and of course in Podcast format, feel free to join. There will also be announcements when there is new content available.

Join the BNOTECHCAST Discord

Podcast will be back … LIVE!

Bastian Noffer's TECHCASTInitially I planned to do the podcast more regularly, but things went differently. Now I am starting to get into live streaming and will be doing the podcast as part of my live streaming routine. This Friday I had my first stream playing Beat Saber in Mixed Reality VR.

The plan is to have the podcast every two weeks on Sundays. The live show has a window of 2 hours with pre-show and a discussion / Q&A after the podcast recording. I am not sure about the format of the new show, but I wil be focussing primarally on news topics of the last two weeks.

Current streaming schedule:

  • Weekly Fridays 4.30 – 6:30 pm CET – Beat Saber in Mixed Reality VR.
  • Every 2nd Sunday 4:00 – 6:00 pm CET – BNOTECHCAST LIVE.

There might be other streams, but they will not be pre-planned. Follow me on Twitch and Youtube if you do not want to miss anything.

The podcast recording will hit Youtube at 8 pm CET and at 8:30 pm CET it will be on Spreaker as with the previous episodes. The full stream recording will be made available a day later.