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BNOTECHCAST Live this Sunday February 20th – 1 year #anniversary edition with #AMA

One year ago the journey for “Bastian Noffer’s TECHCAST” started with the first episode. Back then the podcast was a pre-recorded format which I changed to a live recording back in November. I am proud to say that one year after starting the Podcast I am not only continuing it, but keeping my two week release schedule for the audio version of the podcast.

Since there were no contributions for the AMA portion of todays show I will revisit some topics of the old episodes, since there are quite a few new people following the show now and probably not all of you have watched or listened to the old episodes. However I will be taking questions from chat spontainiously. Nevertheless here is our topic list for today:

  • AMA “ask me anything”
  • Steam Deck replacement parts
  • Apple’s custom SSDs very slow
  • Microsoft and Activision Blizzard
  • Simula One drops plans for Kickstarter

We will go live today at 4 pm CET over on Twitch and on Youtube. The audio version of todays recording will hit your favorite podcast platform next Sunday right in line of the publishing schedule. The edited video version will probably hit Odysee at some time this week.

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BNOTECHCAST Live this Sunday February 20th – 1 year #anniversary edition with #AMA – at 4pm CET

As mentioned during the livestream last Sunday, this upcoming Sunday marks the 1 year anniversary of “Bastian Noffer’s TECHCAST”. We’ll be doing a somewhat normal recording session combined with a “ask me anything” AMA session. So if you want to be part of this join in over on Twitch or on Youtube at 4 pm CET (3 pm UTC, 10 am EST).

It would be ideal if you would send some topics/questions in advance either via Twitter or post a comment below.

The recorded episode of this anniversary edition will hit your favorite podcasting platform on the regular next date, February 27th at 8 30 pm CET. It will however be availible earlier in edited format over on Odysee. The VOD will of course be available on Youtube right after the stream.